CLASS ACTION Fees for educational services and for the purchase of school materials

CLASS ACTION Fees for educational services and for the purchase of school materials


The Distribution of indemnities


Important notice to the parents of the students who attended the Riverside School Board

In the context of the settlement of the class action, the cheques representing the indemnities to be distributed to the parents of the students who attended the Riverside School Board were issued and mailed by Collectiva on June 18, 2019. A clerical error has however resulted in such cheques being dated June 18, 2018. Despite this error, the cheques which were distributed remain valid and will be honoured by Collectiva. You should therefore be able to cash them regularly at the ATM. Should you nevertheless face difficulties in cashing your cheque, Collectiva will re-issue and provide you with a rectified cheque on request, provided that you make such request prior to December 18, 2019. If you have had to pay fees to your financial institution following its refusal to cash your cheque, Collectiva will also reimburse such fees if you provide evidence that payment of such fees was required from you and that you paid such fees. For further information or to request the reissuance of your cheque, please contact Collectiva.


You do not need to register for the class action or to make a claim in order to receive the indemnities to which you are entitled, if any.

The indemnities will be automatically distributed to the persons who are currently identified as persons in charge in the files of the students concerned by the class action. In the case of students who have left the public school system, the cheques will be issued to the order of the last persons in charge on file. This way of identifying the persons in charge has been specifically approved by the Honourable Carl Lachance, Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec, on November 16th, 2018.

The distribution will be completed through the mailing of cheques to the persons in charge of the students targeted by the indemnities. The cheques will be accompanied by a confirmation of the identity of the student concerned, by explanations as to the calculation of the indemnities paid to the class member and by explanations as to the maximum delay for cashing the cheque. One cheque per student per school board will be issued.

If multiple persons in charge are on file, the cheque will be issued jointly to them. The persons who will receive a joint cheque will need to ensure, prior to cashing the cheque, that it is signed by each of the persons to whose order it has been issued.

If you are not the person registered as the person in charge in a student’s file, you will not receive any cheque from Collectiva. In this case, if you have paid fees for educational services and for the purchase of school materials during the indemnified school years, you must submit your claim to the person in charge who received the cheque for your child. In the vast majority of cases, this person will be the other parent or the tutor of your child.

Collectiva will send the indemnity cheques directly to the address of the persons in charge registered as the last principal residence address in the files of the students concerned by the class action. This rule will apply even if several persons are identified as persons in charge for the same student but live at different addresses.

If you think that your address is not up to date with your school board (for example, if you have changed your address), you must notify us of a change of address by completing, no later than January 21, 2019, the form available online on the class action website. In such a case, Collectiva will send the cheque to your new address.

It is currently planned that the cheques will be gradually mailed in between February 5th, 2019 and July 24th, 2019. For further information, please consult the Distribution Schedule. The distribution of the cheques issued to the persons in charge designated as tutors for a student (rather than as such student's mother or father) has not yet begun, pursuant to the judgment rendered on June 19, 2019 by the Superior Court of Quebec (wich you may consult in the "Official Documents" section of this website). The website will be updated once the distribution schedule for such cheques has been determined.

The persons in charge must cash the cheques within 180 days of the date of issue. If not, they will lose their right to the automatic distribution. The uncashed cheques will be cancelled by Collectiva and the indemnities targeted by them will form part of the balance.

In the event that the total amount of $153,507,134.00 is not distributed to the class members, a portion of the remaining balance will be released to a distinct budgetary item to be set up by each of the school boards targeted by the class action. This budgetary item will be used exclusively to help students with financial needs. The remaining portion of the balance will be released to the Class Action Assistance Fund.


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